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Greening of Oil magazine launches


Online publication tracks the environmental footprint of the energy industry Anchorage, Alaska - Jan. 14, 2010 - Anchorage-based Petroleum News has launched a new, international online magazine at www.greeningofoil.com.

Greening of Oil is a science-based publication that tracks the environmental footprint of fossil fuels, scrutinizing what is being done to make hydrocarbons a more earth-friendly energy source during what is expected to be a decades-long shift to cleaner and cleaner power.

Greening of Oil also tracks the environmental impact of alternative energy sources.

How green can oil, natural gas and coal get? The answer is repeatedly pursued in Greening of Oil, which posts new articles daily.

Written by experienced journalists and free to everyone, Greening of Oil contains no opinion pieces or editorials. It is a fact-based magazine, free from the clutter of personal opinions, and a key resource for people who care about the environmental performance of energy companies.


Student resources include scholarships for any field of study, energy internships, a chance to publish a synopsis and link to final project papers, and an online reference generator for academic research.

Primary readership target is the next generation of university age students. Other targets: energy opinion leaders, energy conscious consumers, energy companies, science and technology buffs.

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