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Free Outdoor Timer for Your Engine Block Heater


Do you park your car outdoors at night?

This Saturday, January 9, from 10am until 2pm, those Anchorage residents who already have an engine block heater installed in their vehicle, can receive a free programmable outdoor timer (approx. $15 value).  Tell your friends and neighbors!

OUTDOOR TIMER GIVEAWAY: Saturday January 9th 10am - 2pm, University Mall - Main Entrance

Studies show that using an engine block heater whenever it's 20ºF or colder for two to three hours prior to starting your personal vehicle can cut carbon monoxide emissions by an average of 60%.

In addition, using a programmable timer to turn on your vehicle's block heater prior to driving, rather than plugging it in the evening before and running the heater all night, will cut electricity costs to about 20 cents per plug-in, while allowing you to start up with a warm engine.

Remember, the benefits of plugging in are many, including:

· Saving gas
· Reducing engine wear
· Increasing vehicle reliability
· Decreasing carbon monoxide and other pollutant emissions
· Defrosting windows more quickly while idling less

For questions about the timer give-away, please call Green Star at 278-7859 or e-mail lilly@greenstarinc.org.

The timers are purchased with Federal Highway funds to reduce cold-start emissions. These funds are administered by the Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services.
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