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Congressman Young Comments on the 2010 State of the Union Address


Washington, DC -Congressman for All Alaska Don Young issued the following statement regarding the President's first State of the Union Address:

On Spending and Cutting the Deficit:

"President Obama has dictated the spending of more taxpayer dollars in his first year in office than any other President in the history of our nation, and has increased the deficit by 308 percent.  Unfortunately, his proposed 'spending freeze' is only a token effort to address a spending problem of vast proportions and will actually do nothing to help our country get back on track.  Since taking office, this Administration has been on a shopping spree; stuffing money into every entitlement program and pet project they can get their hands on and bucking the rules to do it every step of the way. Enough is enough!  Alaskans work hard for every dime they make, and they don't deserve to have their hard-earned dollars squandered by personal political agendas."

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

"Unemployment is the highest it has been in Alaska in a decade and the highest it has been in the U.S. in over a quarter century!  Targeted tax credits, resource development and infrastructure construction encourage growth and create high-skill American jobs.  If Congress and the President had done this with the original stimulus, we might not have double-digit unemployment as we do now.  We need to start producing again, beginning with Alaska's resources, and we can do this in a responsible and cost-effective way that creates real jobs for real working families in our state.  My ANWR bill would not only create one million American jobs but would also fund green energy to help solve our long-term energy problem.  This country develops only a small amount of its natural resources while we send money overseas to hostile nations, because trying to appease extreme environmental groups has become more important than putting Americans to work.  The American people are tired of shipping billions of dollars overseas to buy oil and billions more to China to finance our debt.  We cannot continue to borrow money from China to solve our problems.  The President is looking to create the 'Jobs of Tomorrow,' but waiting for tomorrow is no longer good enough; we need to act today!"

President Obama

"I was pleased to see President Obama reach across the aisle in this speech.  If he's serious about moving this country forward with Congress' help, he needs to practice the bipartisanship he preaches.  Over my nearly four decades in the House, I have worked with Republicans and Democrats alike.  I know that consensus and cooperation are necessary.  That's how things get done in Washington.  That's why the people sent us here."

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