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Begich Expresses Concern in Aftermath of Haitian Earthquake


Urges Alaskans to support recovery efforts where possible

As the magnitude of suffering and devastation for the people of Haiti takes shape, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, currently in Kenai, issued the following statement:

"I join thousands of Alaskans and millions across this country extending my condolences to the people of Haiti. Reports of the damage continue to emerge and it appears that the scope of crisis is far greater than first anticipated.

"As night falls on Port-au-Prince our government will continue to act to extend assistance to those affected. We hope that a sense of calm and unity assist Haiti in performing rescue efforts, caring for the injured and supporting the refugees of this horrific natural disaster.

"I have joined a group of Senators sending a letter to the Senate leadership endorsing emergency funds be provided, both immediately and for the long term. It is our hope that such funding will be included in the next bill that the Senate considers when it reconvenes next week.

"By now, Alaskans have no doubt seen the photos and videos of the terrible tragedy that has hit Haiti and the capital city of Port-au-Prince. As a people who often find themselves at the mercy of nature, Alaskans will undoubtedly share a sense of empathy and sympathy for those affected.

"I encourage Alaskans who are able to provide assistance in any way they can."

The Office of Senator Begich is sharing the following information with Alaskans searching for more information about family in Haiti or ways to help those affected by this crisis.

The U.S. State Department has created a toll-free number for information about American Citizens in Haiti:

The Center for International Development has information on how to pick relief organizations to donate to:
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