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Angoon Tribe Speaks


The Angoon Community Association (Tribe) supports the customary and traditional rights of the residents of Angoon, Alaska; the only year-round community on Admiralty Island National Monument and the Kootznoowoo Wilderness.

The Tribe is encouraged by the federal review currently underway involving the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture review of the ANILCA provisions related to “Subsistence.” The Tribe strongly supports the position taken by four Angoon residents in state court whereby they point to the lack of state jurisdiction.  Wally Frank, Sr. the Tribal President says the Tribe’s paramount concern is protecting the indigenous culture and practices of the Angoon people, a rich culture practiced by the people who have resided on Admiralty for at least 10,000 years.

We would encourage those individuals to continue to push in a manner to enjoin the State of Alaska from further harassment.  The Tribe remains very concerned about the disproportionate allocation of natural resources that the State of Alaska is undertaking with respect to Angoon area fisheries. The question is whether or not the State of Alaska can legally issue permits for customary and traditional fishing in Angoon waters?  President  Frank, asserts that “No the state does not have the legal authority to do so.”
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