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February 2015

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Volunteer Tax & Loan Program Celebrates 20 Years

Preparing and filing federal income tax returns sounds like a daunting and rather boring chore, but to some this mundane task can be nothing short of a thrill.

Shining Light on Alaska’s Solar Energy Future

What is 4.6 billion years old, 864,938 miles in diameter, 10,000 Degrees Fahrenheit in its photosphere and 92,960,000 miles from the Earth?

Arctic Engineering

The fields of science and technology are growing exponentially in Alaska as resource development becomes even more inextricably linked to the state’s budget and economy.

Austerity for Alaska’s Prosperity

As I write this in mid-January oil continues going down—getting closer and closer to $40 a barrel by the day. There is no indication when it will stop or what will end up being collected from oil royalties this year.

Preparing Students for Leadership on the Frontiers of a Changing World

As the preeminent center for business education and policy research in Alaska, the College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) focuses on preparing students for leadership at the frontiers of a changing world.

Seafood: Alaska’s Sustainable Bounty

When counting fish, Alaska is a world class producer. In fact, if it were a separate country, Alaska would place among the top dozen fishing nations in the world and rank as the sixth largest seafood exporter.

Stroke Treatment Advances

True story: A few years ago, two executives were sitting in their Anchorage conference room discussing the future of their engineering business. Hopeful discussion, bright future. Then suddenly, one of the two felt dizzy and lightheaded, saw his hands shaking almost uncontrollably.

Things to Consider When Contracting for Professional Services

Given that professional services often involve services that are specialized in some aspect and delivered by individuals, the liability and warranty terms and conditions that usually apply to other contractual arrangements are not always a good fit for a professional services transaction.

Innovations in Alaska Building Techniques

In Alaska, the lines between the natural and man-made world are beginning to blur, and old materials and ideas are resurfacing in leading-edge projects across the state.

U.S. Condensate Sale, Easing of Crude Oil Export Ban, and What It Means for Alaska: Cracks In The Door

During the first week of November 2014, even as plummeting oil prices were roiling the global economy, global oil markets witnessed a minor revolution.

An Alaska Higher Education Land-Grant Equivalency Plan: It’s Time

In 1917 the Territorial Legislature formally incorporated Alaska’s first public higher education institution: the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines.
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