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Reminder of Potato Late Blight Disease quarantine


(Palmer, AK) – The Alaska Division of Agriculture would like to remind retail store managers of the plant health requirements for the sale of seed potatoes and tomato plants from out-of-state sources.  To prevent commodities infected with Potato Late Blight disease (Phytophthora infestans) from entering Alaska, the division has an established quarantine which is in effect and summarized below.

RESTRICTIONS:  The following regulated articles are prohibited into Alaska except under the following conditions:

  • Seed Potatoes or potato plants must be:

  • produced as certified seed potatoes in the state or country of origin and be certified

  • inspected in storage with no late blight found in the log

  • inspected at the shipping point with no late blight found


  • Tomato plants (not seeds) imported from outside Alaska must be:

  • grown in a nursery / greenhouse inspected and found free of late blight; and

  • inspected at the shipping point and no late blight is found; and

  • treated prior to shipment with registered fungicide for late blight disease control.


  • Each shipment of regulated articles into Alaska shall be accompanied by an official certificate issued by the government-regulating agency in the state or country of origin assuring that the conditions of this quarantine have been met.

Seed potatoes, potato and tomato plants that do not meet the above requirements are prohibited.  Please consider purchasing these products from Alaska Grown Sources in order to reduce the risk of introducing this devastating crop disease.  A listing of Alaska Certified Seed Potato Growers and varieties are available on our website at http://dnr.alaska.gov/ag/ag_is.htm.

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