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Sequestration Squeezing Alaska -- Murkowski Morning Meeting, 2/14/2013


Thursday, February 14, 2013 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

U.S. Senate Events 

Sequestration’s Alaskan Impacts

Alaskan Impact: The federal government is responsible for one-third of Alaska’s economy, meaning a huge federal footprint in our state.  $85 billion in across the board federal cuts (called ‘sequestration’) are scheduled to begin on March 1st. Aside from that big number, there has been no specific details about where or how the cuts will take place. Frustrated with so little information, Senator Murkowski urged her fellow Appropriations Committee members to schedule a full hearing – and today that hearing took place.

5:30am AKDT

Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing

Topic: "The Impacts of Sequestration”

Testimony from:

  • Danny Werfel, Federal Controller, Office of Management and Budget
  • Education Secretary Arne Duncan
  • Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
  • HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan

Senator Murkowski to Mr. Werfel: We don’t like sequestration, but it forces Congress to discuss cuts.

U.S. House Events 

Fixing Medicare for Doctors & Patients

Alaskan Impact: Thousands of Alaskans depend on Medicare to stay healthy - in 2010 alone, total Medicare spending in our state topped $1.2 billion. However, uncertainty about Medicare impacts both patients and the doctors who care for them. Last week, Senator Murkowski introduced her “Alaska Wellness Package” which includes provisions aimed at significantly improving Alaskans’ access to Medicare. In the House of Representatives this morning, the Energy and Commerce Committee there took up this issue.

6:15am AKDT

House Energy and Commerce Committee Hearing

Topic: "Data, Measures and Models: Building a Future Medicare Physician Payment System"

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