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Rondy’s Unique Midweek Activities


Anchorage, AK: The first weekend of Fur Rondy is filled with exciting events that draw huge crowds, but throughout the week, other Rondy activities abound—some quiet, others just, well, unique. For a full schedule of Rondy ‘Round Town events, see http://furrondy.net/images/stories/2013_events/rondy-round-town-events-updated.pdf.

Here are a few highlights:

Monday, Feb. 25, through Saturday, Mar. 2, is The Great Train Show. Come and see a gathering of model trains of various shapes, sizes, and sounds. Bring the family and enter into the miniature world of model railroading put on by the Military Society of Model Railroad Engineers. All aboard! (The Historical Alaska Railroad Depot, 411 West 1st Ave, 9:00am - 6:00pm)

Tuesday, Feb. 26 is an Oyster Shucking Contest. This one is a benefit for Anchorage Kiwanis Clubs; The Kiwanis are the ones dressed as Keystone Kops and who put you in jail for not wearing a Rondy pin! (Sea Galley, 4101 Credit Union Dr., 5:30pm - 7:30pm)

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, check out Alaskan Wear Day. Cost to enter is $5. Don your parkas, kuspuks, fur, mukluks, and bunny boots for a day of Alaskan wear extravaganza at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center's Social Hour. Prizes awarded. (Anchorage Senior Activity Center, 1300 East 19th Ave. 1:30pm)

On Thursday, Feb. 28, start your evening with the Cerveza Belly Battle. This is the battle of the beer bellies. Categories: Hairiest Belly, Widest Girth, Sexiest Belly, Most Talented, and for women only: Best Muffin Top. (Spenard LaMex, 2550 Spenard Rd., 6:30pm). If that doesn’t ruin your appetite, then hoof it on downtown to the Reindeer Sausage Eating Contest. How much sausage can you eat in 10 minutes? Free to enter. Must be 21+. The champion takes home an Iditarod musher's jacket. (Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse, 610 West 6th Ave., 9:00pm)

Fur Rondy continues through March 3. For a full schedule, to register for Rondy events, and to purchase tickets, go to www.furrondy.net.


Fur Rondy is the nation's premiere winter festival. Since 1935, Rondy has proudly represented the pioneering spirit of Alaskans. Rondy has something for kids of all ages. We welcome visitors and invite everyone to visit our newly remodeled Fur Rondy Shop featuring Caffe D’arte, where the nation’s #1 winter festival meets Alaska’s #1 award-winning espresso café. The Fur Rondy Shop is open year-round. www.furrondy.net. Don’t miss Fur Rondy! Feb. 22 – Mar. 3, 2013.

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