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New Bills Introduced to Cut Fees on Electric & Natural Gas Vehicles


JUNEAU-Today, Senator Lesil McGuire, R-South Anchorage, and Representative Charisse Millett, R-South Anchorage, introduced new legislation that will help make Alaska “plug-in ready” by reducing fees for owners of “green” powered vehicles state registration fees and taxes.  Senate Bill 45 and House Bill 103 represent a progressive approach which gives Alaskans incentives for using vehicles that run on electricity or compressed natural gas.

“The availability of plug-in electric vehicles will be expanding and we need to prepare Alaska to be the ‘First Frontier’ for this advanced technology and this bill readily supports its introduction,” said Senator McGuire.  “It is a significant step towards shifting from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric cars.  I am honored to help Alaska make this technology a part of our everyday lives.”

The legislation, which is the first of its kind in Alaska, could help create jobs new jobs through the implementation of the new technology while improving air quality through the reduction of emissions. 

“Incentives like these not only help spark the necessary changes, but they also help speed up the development of the second and third generations of the technology,” said Representative Millett.  “Our goal is to get to the point where the technology is cheap enough for everyone to afford it.”

Another critical piece of the legislation is incentives for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles.   CNG cars help Alaska diversify its energy requirements by reducing risks from any potential shocks to the State's oil supply.  In addition, supporting the sale of CNG vehicles will lower operating costs for consumers of these vehicles, many of them struggling businesses still trying to recover from the slowdown in the economy.

Senate Bill 45 was referred to Senate State Affairs and Finance Committees for further consideration, while House Bill 103 was referred to the House Transportation and Finance Committees.

For more information, please contact Genevieve Wojtusik in Senator McGuire’s office at 907-465-2995.

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