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Marine Debris Expert Dave Gaudet Hired as Director of the Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation


Dave Gaudet, long-time marine debris analyst and program coordinator, has been hired as the Director for the Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation. Gaudet initially started working for the organization in 2009.  Under his management, the Foundation’s marine debris cleanup program has grown into a large and successful organization which has partnered with local communities to conduct almost 100 projects to remove more than two million pounds of debris from Alaskan beaches.  Recently, material accumulating along the coast has included large and increasing quantities of Japanese tsunami debris. 

The newly renamed Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation (formerly the Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation), is focusing its efforts on the control and removal of marine debris from the coastal areas of Alaska, a program that has been successful for years. As the new director of the Foundation, Gaudet was hired to spearhead the effort and plan the course for coming years.

“Dave Gaudet is an excellent fit for the job of managing the Foundation,” exclaimed Anne Vanderhoeven, president of AMSF, “With his experience, work ethic and philosophy, he is exactly right for the job.  We couldn’t have asked for a more ideal candidate.”

As a former biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and a Bristol Bay fisherman, he brings his experience and knowledge of rural Alaska to bear on the economic and environmental effects of marine debris on coastal communities and Alaskan fisheries.

Well known and respected in the marine debris community, he has led the program on tsunami debris with surveys and debris analysis and is beginning the process of assembling teams and coordinating cleanups in several affected areas.  Clean-up efforts are expected to continue for several years, as tsunami debris continues to wash up along the coast.

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Formed in 2003, the Alaska Marine Stewardship Foundation (AMSF), formerly the Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation, partners with groups across the state to address marine debris. AMSF has helped remove over two million pounds of debris from Alaska shores. 


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