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Interior Senators Applaud U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s Focus on Critical Issues


JUNEAU-Today, the Interior Delegation of the Alaska State Senate is applauding U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski for her comments and tireless fight for Alaskans.  During her annual address to the Joint Legislature, Senator Murkowski emphasized the need for Alaskans to join forces in the fight against downsizing Eielson Air Force Base, the need to solve the Interior’s energy crisis, and the need to put Alaska back at the top of oil, natural gas, and mineral production.

“I continue to believe that the Air Force proposal to move the F-16s is short-sighted.  We have to make cuts, but the cuts have to make sense,” said Senator Murkowski, R-Alaska.  “The savings projected for future years are limited, and do not outweigh the strategic benefits of an unencroached base in the Asia-Pacific region with strategic access to most troubled spots around the world.”

“I am extremely excited to work with Senator Murkowski on protecting Eielson Air Force Base,” said Senator John Coghill, R-North Pole.  “Eielson is not only a critical piece of the nation’s defense, but is also a critical piece of the economy in Fairbanks.  I encourage everyone to send her their supporting comments so she has a strong backing when she fights for us in Washington, DC.”

Senator Murkowski also spoke about the energy crisis Interior Alaskans are currently facing.  She said while she will continue to fight to get federal help, the state must also act aggressively on proposals from Governor Parnell to reduce energy prices by getting natural gas to the Interior.

“We have been working hard in the Senate In-State Energy Committee to put in place the plan to truck natural gas to the Interior,” said Senator Click Bishop, R-Fairbanks.  “I am glad we have the Senator’s support for this immediate relief.  I am also interested her long term ideas such as an in-state gasline, underground coal gasification, geothermal and other ideas that can help power our state.”

Senator Murkowski also addressed the need for Alaska to stop the oil production decline and figure out ways to market the state’s natural gas to other nations.  As part of that statement, Senator Murkowski stressed that federal overreach is hurting Alaskans.  “We’ve seen federal overreach at the Colville River and on the banks of the Yukon.  We’ve seen it on health care and our second amendment rights.  Regulatory encroachment affects fisherman, our families trying to keep warm and our ability to develop resources.”

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