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Centennial Commission Releases Schedule of Events for Commemorative Program


Three-day program will include presentations, slideshows and reenactments from Territorial Legislature

JUNEAU-Next week, the Alaska Legislative Centennial Commission is sponsoring a three-day program to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First Territorial Legislature.  The activities will take place at the old Elk’s Lodge, now known as Rockwell, at 109 South Franklin Street in Juneau. The program starts on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 and runs through Tuesday, March 5th, 2013. 

The Elk’s Lodge was one of the primary locations where the Alaska Territorial legislative sessions occurred from 1913 to 1931, when the Capitol Building was completed.  As part of the program, the Elk’s Lodge will be decorated and furnished throughout to resemble the chambers in 1913. Food and drink named from that era will be served and there will be exhibits, artifacts, looping slideshows and historic photographs featured throughout the building.

This three-day public event will also feature a series of presentations and panels, composed of actors, scholars, and current and former legislators including:

  •  “Waffles with Wickersham: Delegate James Wickersham’s Campaign for 1912 Second Organic Act” presented by John Venebles
  • “Equal Rights, One Man One Vote, and Alaska Native Leaders in our Legislative History” panel including Willie Hensley, Georgiana Lincoln, Albert Kookesh, and moderated by Terrance Cole
  • “Oral Histories & Memories of Retired Legislators” discussion by retired legislators and moderated by Clem Tillon and Terry Gardiner
  • “A History of the Capitol Building” presented by Wayne Jensen
  • “Leading Women in Alaska’s Political History” panel including Arliss Sturgulewski, Drue Pearce, Katy Hurley and Bettye Davis and moderated by Terrance Cole
  • “Members and accomplishments of the first Alaska Territorial Legislature, including Women’s Suffrage-1913” presented by Dr. Beverly Beeton
  • “Reenactment of the convening of the First Alaska Territorial Legislature and Passage of Women’s Suffrage” performed by local actors and legislative staff
  • “A History of Politics in the Capitol City” presented by Clark Gruening and Mike Miller
  • “Perspectives on Accomplishments and Failures in Alaska’s Legislative History” discussion among retired legislators, moderated by Sam Cotton and Randy Phillips
  • “Prohibition in Territorial Alaska, a discussion led by Dr. Terrance Cole and Rick Halford

Senator Gary Stevens, who is Chair of the Alaska Legislative Centennial Commission, said the program is designed not only to commemorate 100 years of  the Alaska Legislature, but also to educate Alaskans about the critical formative years of what would eventually become the State of Alaska.

“This is a great opportunity for Alaskans to learn about how we became the great state that we are today,” said Senator Stevens.  “Through these activities, we will hopefully be able to see what it was really like for the forefathers of our state and why they made the decisions they did.  We want to bring history to life.”

Governor Sean Parnell and Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell will also take part in the opening reception where there will be a presentation of the 100-year edition of the Roster of Members and the unveiling of a special 100-years website.

For a full list of events and times, please click here.

For more information, please contact Tim Lamkin in Senator Stevens’ office at 907-465-4925.

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