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Snickers the Porcupine Sees his Shadow


AWCC favorite critter declares 6 more weeks of winter

Where the rest of the world was focused on the shadow of Punxsutawney Phil, the staff at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center knew where to look for a sure prediction of winter.

The Center’s porcupine, Snickers awoke this morning, strolled out of his house, and definitely saw his shadow, therefore predicting another six weeks of winter for Alaska. When asked for more details, the famous porcupine looked around and asked, “Did you really need to ask?”

The Center, in Portage continues to dig out from and extremely snowy winter, and was hit with another snow storm (along with the rest of South Central) on Wednesday. AWCC’s regular equipment was not enough to cope with the massive amounts of snow, and therefore rented a larger loader to assist with the task. With 8 foot drifts, and snow banks well over one’s head, there is no doubt that the AWCC Campus will see another 6 weeks of winter.

Because of the snow, the Center will remain closed this weekend, until the staff can make sufficient progress in clearing out the roads, parking lots, and enclosures. “It’s been a battle”, said Mike Miller, the Center’s executive director. “The staff has been working around the clock to make it safe here, and just as we think we’ve got a handle on it, the wind blows drifts up around the facility, or we get another storm.” The Center’s staff will continue to clear snow from the facility this week and hopes to open for its regularly scheduled hours this weekend.

Snickers climbed over the snow and back into his home after making this historic prediction, and will no doubt keep his perfect record of predicting the outcome of the Alaskan winters

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 501 c 3 corporation dedicated to conserving Alaska’s Wildlife through education, and quality animal care. Find them online at www.alaskawildlife.org

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