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Sen. Giessel Introduces SB 206, Enacting the Interstate Mining Compact


(Juneau) Sen. Cathy Giessel, R-Anchorage, today introduced legislation to enact the Interstate Mining Compact, which would allow Alaska to join the Compact with other mineral-producing states.

“The Interstate Mining Compact has, in the past, focused mainly on coal-producing states in the east, and has been very helpful in establishing standards for protecting land, air and water resources, as well as reclamation after mining has stopped,” Sen. Giessel said. “Now, there is an effort to expand the scope of the Compact, and several hard-rock mining states throughout the west are interested in joining.

“Alaska has excellent mining law under Title 27, including a comprehensive coal mining reclamation law that’s been in place for 30 years, an achievement of the late Senator Bettye Fahrenkamp. So, production of Alaska’s mineral resources has worked very well in concert with protection of our land and water. By joining this compact with other states, we can build on our successes, share what works with others, and work together to build a better mining industry.”

The purpose of the Interstate Mining Compact is to advance an efficient and productive mining sector, provide a forum for collaboration and advocacy of best practices among member states, as well as to protect the land, water and other resources affected by mining activities, among other relevant activities.

SB 296 was referred to the State Affairs and Finance committees.

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