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Sen. Dyson Resolution Honoring Raoul Wallenberg On his 100th Birthday Passes Senate


(Juneau) – A resolution to name August 4, 2012 as “Raoul Wallenberg Remembrance Day” in Alaska was today approved by the Alaska State Senate. Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat in Budapest, Hungary during World War II, who used his diplomatic position to save more than 100,000 Jews and other potential victims from Nazi death camps. After the defeat of Germany, Wallenberg was imprisoned by the Soviets in violation of his diplomatic immunity and international law. He died in a Soviet gulag.

The resolution was introduced by Sen. Fred Dyson, R-Eagle River, with the hope that Alaskans will never forget the extraordinary courage of Raoul Wallenberg.

“August 4, 2012 would have been the 100th birthday of Raoul Wallenberg, who risked his own life in the face of a truly evil regime in order to save 100,000 innocent men, women and children in Hungary,” said Sen. Dyson. “We are obligated to remind ourselves, on a frequent basis, of the evil that happens in the world, and how one person can make a heroic difference in the lives of many people.

“As Santayana so famously noted, ‘those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ While there were many individuals throughout the world who heroically recognized the evil of the Nazis and fought them in many ways, I think the moral courage and love demonstrated by Raoul Wallenberg in the face of incomprehensible evil stands out among them, and should never be forgotten.”

SCR 18 will now go to the House of Representatives for its consideration.


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