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Omnibus License Plates Bill Heads to Governor


“In God We Trust”, “Breast Cancer Awareness”, “National Rifle Association”, and others included in bill

Friday, February 17, 2012, Juneau, Alaska – A bill is heading to the governor today that creates six new license plates honoring various groups including “In God We Trust”, “Breast Cancer Awareness” and the “National Rifle Association”.

The bill, House Bill 19, authorizes the Division of Motor Vehicles to issue license plates for an additional nominal fee.

“’In God We Trust’ is America’s National motto; if it’s good enough to be on our money then it’s good enough to be on our cars,” said the bill’s prime sponsor Representative Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage. “We listened to Alaskans during the committee process and responded accordingly by creating license plates commemorating various groups and organizations.”

HB 19 has passed both the House and Senate and now waits for approval of the governor.

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