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Northern Gas Pipelines O&G briefs for Feb. 18, 2012


Oil company still trying to control Alaska well blowout, help on the way - Alaska Dispatch, Craig Medred - A North Slope oil rig was evacuated Wednesday after a Repsol drilling contractor hit a pocket of gas that triggered a methane blowout. The venting gas sparked fears the rig could explode, but the rig was intact and Repsol was reported to be working toward control of the situation.
Alberta finance minister says politics got in the way of a good economic decision - The Register, Rob Gillies - "We all saw what happens when politics gets in the way of good economic decisions and I'm referring of course to the Keystone XL pipeline decision in the United States," Liepert said.
Federal judge refuses to wade in to ongoing dispute over Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup - The Washington Post Business - A federal judge on Wednesday refused Exxon Mobil Corp.’s request that he declare government efforts to seek additional cleanup funds related to the Exxon Valdez oil spill a violation of a consent decree.
New pipeline proposed across North Dakota - Grand Forks Herald, Stephen J. Lee - A western Colorado firm announced plans this week to build a pipeline across North Dakota from the Oil Patch past Devils Lake and Grand Forks to the big market hub near Clearbrook, Minn., by late 2013.
Wyoming lawmakers join Alaskans in satirical Central Park legislation - Anchorage Daily News - Wyoming lawmakers, impressed by a tongue-in-cheek proposal from the Alaska Legislature for a federal takeover of New York's Central Park, are suggesting that the feds reintroduce wolves and other endangered species in Central Park.


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