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Food Pantry of Wasilla Freezer Grand Opening


The Rasmuson Foundation has provided $25,000.00 in funding to Food Pantry of Wasilla to assist with the purchase and installation of a 12x14-foot walk-in freezer providing storage of more than 6 pallets of food which will provide for those experiencing food insecurities and hunger. The installation of this freezer was provided by Dave Wolfe and the staff of Wolfe Refrigeration in Wasilla .with the addition of this new freezer, the Food Pantry of Wasilla is now able to accept more frozen food contributions and monetary contributions for the purchase of frozen foods.

Food Pantry of Wasilla helps with the needs of 3,400 people a month receiving food. The volunteers and Board of Directors recognize anyone can need help from time to time. High gas prices, layoffs, unemployment, abuse, divorce, fixed incomes or simply the high costs of getting by today can leave anyone in need of food and a friendly hand to help them through a tough time. Food Pantry of Wasilla is here to help you through those difficult times with supplemental emergency food. We are happy to help you with a little food while you get on your feet again.

We at the Food Pantry of Wasilla anticipate the need for food to increase through the summer months of 2012 as the price of fuel increases thus increasing the cost of getting to and from work. Contributions will be needed as much this summer as they are needed through the cold winter months. We recognize it's hard to go to work if your stomach is empty and learning, especially in children, is impaired when you are hungry. At your time of need the Food Pantry of Wasilla and our many volunteers are here to help and promise to treat you with kindness and dignity.

To use the service of Food Pantry of Wasilla you need to bring a picture identification and some sort of proof you live in the Mat-Su Valley. Proof of income is not required by the Food Pantry, but is asked for by The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). We are an emergency food supply and you are allowed to visit only once each month. Food Pantry of Wasilla services are available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at 501 E. Bogard Road on the campus of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Visit the Food Pantry of Wasilla during these hours and one of our many volunteers will lead you through our process.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Food Pantry of Wasilla, we have a continuous need for: baby food,( must be unexpired), cake mixes, sugar, flour, instant puddings, Jell-O products, instant powdered milk, coffee, tea bags, macaroni & cheese, any soup, Ramen noodles, pasta, canned tuna, salmon or chicken, instant potatoes, stuffing, crackers, cookies, condiments, canned goods of all kinds, rice, dry or canned beans, tomato sauce, paper towels, bathroom tissue, soap, and now, thanks to the Rasumson Foundation, we can accept frozen commercially packed food donations too.

Additional information is available online at www.foodpantryofwasilla.org, by calling (907) 357-3769 and we always encourage folks to use Community Resource number: 211 provided by United Way.

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