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BP Exploration Alaska’s Incorporated Central Compression Plant, Central Gas Facility Approved for Voluntary Protection Program


JUNEAU, Alaska—Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Click Bishop approved BP Exploration Alaska Incorporated Central Gas Facility and Central Compression Plant for the Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Voluntary Protection Program at the “Star” level to signify a tremendous achievement in occupational safety and health.

The VPP recognizes and promotes effective workplace safety and health management through a cooperative program between a company’s management, employees and AKOSH.

As a VPP Star recipient, these two BP gas plants won’t be subject to random enforcement inspections for two years. Enforcement regulations remain in effect, however, and cases of employee complaints, accident investigations or other significant incidents will result in an enforcement inspection. Participation in the program is voluntary.

“VPP Star elevates ownership and a sense of pride in the facility. It sets a higher standard for all activities performed in the plants,” according to the on-site safety team at the Central Gas Facility. “The CGF is a 25-year-old monument of technology and engineering, and cumulatively the employees are the talent and pride that work to maintain and operate it. The Voluntary Protection Program star of recognition is our ‘window sticker’ that shines here at Prudhoe Bay.”

There are 13 sites in Alaska with the AKOSH VPP designation. For a complete listing of the sites and more information about the program, go to labor.alaska.gov/lss/vpp-participants.html.

“The Central Compression Plant’s number one priority, whether it is process safety or personal safety, is our ability to identify and control workplace hazards,” according to the on-site safety team at the Central Compressor Plant. “Promoting a safe work culture through the VPP process not only protects the company’s reputation, but more important it results in benefits for the safety of the workers that extend beyond profits. As with any program it cannot be effectively implemented without the full commitment from the workers and management. We are grateful to be recognized once again for our facilities efforts and hard work in maintaining our VPP Star Status.”

Labor Standards and Safety Division

Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Section

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