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Alaska Travelgram--We're Wild (and Crazy) about Winter!


The Alaska Travelgram Extra Column
We're Wild (and crazy) about Winter. Good thing! (#1)
Great deals (#2, #3), great events (#1)...

Hey, I'm feeling a bit torn this afternoon. Half of me wants to drill down on the great travel deals that now are available (for travel NOW and for summertime). The other part of me wants to dig a hole from the front door out to the car. Or maybe down to the mailbox. Jeez. This is "Snowpocalypse II: Judgment Day" in Anchorage. We're expecting another gob of snow over the course of the day. 
So, I guess we'll work on the deals. HA. Let's get rolling:
1. Visit Anchorage. We're wild about winter. Oh gosh, right now we're REALLY wild about all this S-N-O-W-! On First Friday, no less! Click thru for the 4-1-1. 
2. Explore Tours offers the "Perfect Ten". Ten-day itinerary, that is. Check it out--lots of places to go and things to see from the LOCAL EXPERTS! 
4. KOAN Podcast. All Hawaii. All the time. Yeah. Erin's having a "yawn" great time. I told her I'd bring her a snow shovel when she arrives back home at the airport. No response, yet. She, of course, still is enjoying all the ice…in the bottom of her glass. HA. Listen up! 
5. Luvin' me sum Samsung from GCI. We now have three of the Galaxy S2 phones in the house. Click through and learn about the new 4G service from GCI
6. Rent a car from Avis--grab a (FREE) burger from Sullivan's. Hey--I did it. It works. Actually, I could use one of those Sullivan's burgers about now. I wonder if they deliver?? HA. Great deal from Avis. Check it out. 
7. GREAT deal in the Golden Heart City: $79/night at the Westmark Fairbanks. Read all about it, plus LAST CHANCE at a $500/couple discount from Gray Line.  
8. Somebody's Goin' Free. No…really. That's what the Great Alaskan TourSaver is all about!! More than 145 2-for-1 offers. More than $23,000 in 2-for-1 deals. WHAT, exactly, are you WAITING FOR?? Get yours. NOW! HA. 
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