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Alaska Legislators Endorse Injunction Against Sheraton Anchorage Hotel Management


Alaska state senators and representatives endorse and commend District Judge Timothy Burgess’ February 2nd order granting a preliminary injunction against Remington Lodging and Hospitality, the Texas based managing company of the Sheraton Hotel in Anchorage, in order to provide immediate relief to Alaskan workers from irreparable harm.  Further, in light of hotel management’s refusal to comply by filing a motion to stay the Judge’s order, Legislators call upon management to respect Alaskan workers and obey the rule of federal law.

“I am glad that workers in this state have been awarded the confidence that Alaskan employers will provide a positive working environment. We want to keep people in the state and abiding by best practice labor laws is good for everyone,” said Representative Scott Kawasaki.

Beginning over two and a half years ago, the ongoing labor dispute between Sheraton management and UNITE HERE! Local 878, the worker’s union, has included a complex and prolonged legal battle predicating the need for an injunction.  The length of this dispute creates a risk that Remington’s flagrant violation of federal labor laws may allow them to accomplish their unlawful objectives before being placed under any legal restraint.  In order to ensure the public interest, and recreate the conditions and relationships that would have been had there been no unfair labor practices, an order to return the status quo is necessary.

This injunction will provide immediate meaningful relief to Alaskan workers employed by the Sheraton Hotel from their employer’s interference with their self-organization, collective bargaining rights, and labor union; their employer’s discrimination against employees in the terms and conditions of their employment; and more.

“This is a victory for workers all across Alaska and will help hard-working employees everywhere in their efforts to ensure a fair days wage for a fair days work,” said Senator Bill Wielechowski.

The following Alaska State Senators and Representatives endorse and commend Judge Timothy Burgess’s order granting a preliminary injunction against Remington Lodging and Hospitality, and demand respect for Alaskan workers and their contribution to the State of Alaska:


Sen. Bettye Davis

Sen. Dennis Egan

Sen. Johnny Ellis

Sen. Hollis French

Sen. Bill Wielechowski

Rep. Scott Kawasaki

Rep. Bob Miller

Rep. Chris Tuck

Rep. David Guttenberg

Rep. Les Gara

Rep. Lindsey Holmes


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