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2-08-12 - Messenger Shooting - Alaska Senate Majority vs the North Slope Producers


NARUC, Washington, D.C. (Report and comment by Dave Harbour).  Yesterday, NARUC president David Wright (NGP Photo) introduced Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (NGP Photo) to about 1400Lisa Murkowski, US Senate, NARUC, Photo by Dave Harbour attending the winter meeting at the Renaissance Hotel here of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

 “Your association has now been a major contributor to the development of energy policy for almost 125 years", Murkowski said.  "We count on you to present your views in the federal arena,  as you have always done, with vigor and precision.  Regulatory Commissioners have a solemn duty to balance the interests and needs of customers and investors according to the rule of law.  It is appropriate that your organization has the scales of justice  on its seal."  

We note that current testimony before the Alaska State Senate, linked below, points to decisions reached by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska on pipeline tariff issues.

 “Without principled and judicious regulation," she continued, "maintaining and prudently expanding critical energy infrastructure would be David Wright, SC Commissioner, NARUC, Photo by Dave Harbourimpossible. Your responsibilities, always weighty,  are now more challenging than ever.  Today you must navigate a weak economy, and a host of new and ever more demanding environmental regulations.  And as if that weren’t enough, you have an additional task.  Like all of us in public life with responsibility  for energy policy, you must find ways to reasonably balance our nation’s energy needs with our environmental concerns – and the sometimes very real conflicts that emerge from the laws and policies governing each of those areas."

(Note: we are preparing this enroute Washington-Anchorage and will complete the report as soon as possible.  -dh)


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