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Rep. Young Disgusted By EPA’s Disregard For Alaskan Economy


Washington, D.C. - Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement this morning following news that continual regulatory delays and uncertainty have forced Shell to forgo their 2011 exploration program in Alaska:

"Unfortunately, this was inevitable.  What did we expect?  Shell has spent more than $3 billion and been ready to put Alaskans to work for the last few years but because of an inefficient bureaucracy and an overabundance of unnecessary regulations, they STILL have not been able to drill a single hole.  We are making it near impossible for companies to do business in the US; where's the incentive?  It is absurd and foolish and completely indicative of an Administration that has no interest in responsible resource development or a thriving economy.  All we hear about from the Obama Administration is 'jobs jobs jobs' but all we're getting is lip service.  Considering how any attempt at project development is shut down by the EPA, they sure aren't interested in jobs for Alaskans!  The way this country is being crippled is infuriating.  They won't be happy until we've run all business out of the country and we're back to traveling on dirt roads in covered wagons."
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