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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Newsletter: February 2011



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arrowOrange.gifImportant tax information for small businesses

arrowOrange.gifSenate passes 1099 Amendment, blocks repeal

arrowOrange.gifSBM shows Congress how the ACA helps small businesses




Are you one of the millions of employers facing skyrocketing healthcare costs? Are your energy bills draining your financial resources, preventing the expansion of your business and the hiring of new employees? Have you found it difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get an affordable loan or access to credit? If so, we want to hear from you!

Small business owners in our network have met with President Obama, visited the White House, spoken at press conferences with senators and representatives, and been featured in newspaper articles across the country. So tell us your story and we'll be in touch. You'll be a valued resource and will assist us in highlighting the concerns and needs of employers to help mold state and federal policies that positively impact the small business community.




2/2: CEO John Arensmeyer gave a presentation regarding the creation of Small Business Health Option Programs (SHOP exchange) at the Insure the Uninsured Project's (ITUP) 15th Annual Conference in Sacramento, CA.

1/29: National Policy Director Terry Gardiner joined small business exchange experts Roni Mansur (Massachusetts Health Connector) and Shawn Nowicki (HealthPass NY) at Families USA's 16th Annual Health Action meeting in Washington, DC, to discuss making the small business exchanges successful.

1/29: National Outreach and Government Affairs Manager Rhett Buttle spoke about the importance of story banking at Families USA's 16th Annual Health Action meeting in Washington, DC.

1/20-2/4: Small Business Majority, in conjunction with U.S. PIRG Education Fund, held webinars for small businesses in the Northwest, Midwest, Southwest and Western regions showing how the new law will affect small businesses' bottom lines

1/14: Small Business Majority joined the Riverside Downtown Partnership for an event discussing how small business owners can take advantage of the ACA in Riverside, CA.

1/13: In partnership with the Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce and the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Majority held an event discussing how small business owners can take advantage of the ACA in Bakersfield, CA.




Health care reforms are helping small businesses

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Proposals to revoke sections of the US Clean Air Act threaten economic growth, EPA head testifies

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Repealing health-care law will hurt American competitiveness

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How health reform benefits small employers

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For small businesses, health care reform increases coverage, group says

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More small businesses offering health care to employees thanks to Obamacare






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From John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO

jpegSo far, 2011 has been a busy year for Small Business Majority. With the Affordable Care Act a hot topic in Washington and throughout the country, we're fully engaged in educating small business owners and policymakers about the new healthcare law.

A top priority has been ensuring tax professionals and small business owners know about the small business tax credits available this year through the ACA. With tax time right around the corner, it's essential small employers know about the credits so they can take advantage of them.

To get the word out about the credits and other provisions of the law, we've conducted webinars and listening tours and participated in conferences and forums all across the country. We also conducted a national opinion poll to determine how small business owners view key provisions of the law that impact them the most. And just yesterday we held a press conference with SBA Administrator Karen Mills showing what would happen to small businesses and the economy if the ACA is defunded-the latest salvo in the misguided war opponents of the ACA have launched on the law.

Despite opponents' attempts to tear down the law, the facts remain clear: the Affordable Care Act will provide tremendous relief for small businesses both now and in the future. Therefore we're committed to ensuring it's implemented smoothly. Updates on our work are always available at www.smallbusinessmajority.org.   

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California Listening Tour Report


In February, Small Business Majority released a report on its California Listening Tour, which was aimed at educating small business owners and organizations about the Affordable Care Act and to get their feedback on how best to move forward with the new healthcare law's implementation. The report found that California small businesses have not had a chance to understand the details of the new federal healthcare law or how it will affect their bottom line, but once they learn about its key provisions they like what they hear and want to know more.

Find other eventsarrowOrangeLarge.gifRead full reportarrowOrangeLarge.gif

National Opinion Survey

On Jan. 5, we released the results of a national survey of 619 small business owners that gauged how they view two key provisions of the Affordable Care Act: healthcare tax credits and insurance exchanges. The survey found that although many respondents were not very familiar with these components, once informed, one-third said they are more likely to provide healthcare benefits to their employees because of them.

Find other reportsarrowOrangeLarge.gifRead full reportarrowOrangeLarge.gif

Important tax information for small businesses

calculator_sml.gifTax season is right around the corner, and thanks to the new healthcare law, small businesses with fewer than 25 full-time-equivalent employees and average wages of less than $50,000 will be eligible for a tax credit on their 2010 returns of up to 35% of their health insurance costs. More than 4 million small businesses nationwide, or 83%, are eligible to receive the tax credit on their 2010 taxes. However, many don't know it exists. Click here to learn about the credit and see if you're eligible!


Senate passes 1099 amendment, blocks repeal

In a bipartisan vote, the Senate voted Feb. 2 to fix the 1099 reporting requirement in the Affordable Care Act. The provision is a revenue-generating provision that has nothing to do with healthcare reform and would unduly burden small businesses with unnecessary paperwork. The measure now goes to the House of Representatives. We urge lawmakers to pass similar legislation correcting this provision soon and put this issue to rest once and for all. The same day the Senate passed legislation fixing the 1099 requirement, it also defeated an amendment aimed at repealing the healthcare law. We were glad to see senators stand up for small businesses and pass legislation that puts us back on track to smoothly implement reform. 


SBM shows Congress how the ACA helps small businesses

Lawmakers in opposition to the Affordable Care Act have been calling one congressional hearing after another in their attempt to abolish the new law. But research we've submitted for multiple hearings over the past couple months clearly shows the ACA holds tremendous benefits for small businesses and the economy as a whole.

Our testimony for members of the House Education & the Workforce Committee, the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform and the House Ways & Means Committee outlined the ACA's impact on small employers and the economy and details the consequences of repealing it. We showed that without reform, skyrocketing healthcare costs would continue bankrupting small businesses and impeding our economic recovery.


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