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NEA-Alaska Shows Support for Wisconsin Public Employees Through Rallies in Juneau


NEA-Alaska members today will participate in two rallies in the courtyard near the Capitol building in Juneau to support members and colleagues in Wisconsin, as well as those in Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee. NEA-Alaska will join the AFL-CIO and Central Labor Council at 12:15pm, and will hold another rally at 4:30pm.

“These rallies are about public sector employees retaining a voice in their profession. The proposed legislation strips away worker rights and destroys the collaborative partnerships that have been established between the working people and management in Wisconsin,” said NEA-Alaska President Barb Angaiak.  “It’s not about pay and benefits, pensions or healthcare. We’re showing our support today for the public servants in Wisconsin and across this country who are on the front lines every day. They deserve the support of everyone who enjoys public services such as public education, street maintenance, pubic parks and public safety.”

About NEA-Alaska

NEA-Alaska is a diverse organization of teachers, certificated staff, education support professionals (ESPs), retired members, and students training to become teachers.  With almost 13,000 members, NEA-Alaska is a democratic, grass roots organization that promotes high standards of excellence in education for the children of Alaska through support of public school employees. Approximately 67 local associations in school districts across the state are affiliated with NEA-Alaska, which is the state affiliate of the 3.2 million member National Education Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C. For more information on NEA-Alaska visit www.neaalaska.org.


What: Rally to support Wisconsin public employees and educators

When: 12:15pm and 4:30pm, Tuesday, February 22

Where: State Capitol Building courtyard, Juneau, Alaska


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