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HB160 - $20 Million for Alaska Tourism Marketing


Alaska ACT is teaming up with the Alaska Tourism Industry Association (ATIA) to help support the newly introduced tourism funding bill, HB 160.

House Bill 160 would create an ongoing, stable funding mechanism for marketing Alaska as a tourist destination.  The Bill has the potential to generate $20 million dollars to market the State of Alaska to the rest of the world.  The Bill proposes the use of 70% of the annual revenues from the Alaska Car Rental Tax and Corporate Income Tax from tourism businesses, as well as a $2.7 million dollar contribution from the tourism industry.

More visitors in the State means more jobs, more money for Alaska families and more money in the State's coffers.  It would be beneficial for the State of Alaska, the Alaska Tourism Industry and all Alaskans to see this bill passed.  We need your help to get this key piece of legislation passed.

We did a great job getting the message to our elected officials on the head-tax issue, so let's keep it up! We need to get the word out to our Legislators that HB 160 is good for Alaskans!   Please take a few minutes to call and/or write your legislators. For your convenience, we have attached a list of legislators along with their phone numbers and email addresses.  If you have forgotten who your Senator and Representative is, you can look them up on the Division of Elections District Maps at:  http://www.elections.alaska.gov/er_maps.php

Thank you for your time and support,
The AlaskaACT Steering Committee
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