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GeoNorth Director, Pearson, Awarded Technical Certification


Anchorage, Alaska - GeoNorth, one of the country’s premier Information Technology solution providers headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, and a wholly owned subsidiary of The Tatitlek Corporation, is proud to announce that Mark Pearson, Director of Technology, has recently been awarded 3 new levels of technical certification from ESRI and CompTIA.   

Mr. Pearson was approved by ESRI (Environmental Research and Science Institute) as a member of the new Certified Trainer Program. This is a new program designed to improve the quality of trainers in the previous Authorized Trainer Program. ESRI has greatly reduced the number of certified instructors they recognize in this program, and have also increased the technical requirements necessary for such a distinct authorization.  Mr. Pearson was also awarded the CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) Certificate.  CompTIA (www.compTIA.org <http://www.compTIA.org> ) is an IT industry trade association that provides strict training standards and certifications.  And finally, Mr. Pearson has also become an ESRI Certified Desktop Associate.  This is a new, technical training program from ESRI designed to certify the capabilities of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) professionals.             

“To earn ESRI Technical Certifications, candidates have to successfully pass an examination that assesses their knowledge and skills cultivated through years of experience as a GIS professional.  Since ESRI launched the program within the past year, Mark is among the first to earn such an honor”, says Bob Johnson, GeoNorth’s Sales and Marketing Manager.  “Although Mark has been an authorized ESRI instructor for over 12 years, these certifications are the result of newer and much more stringent qualification requirements set forth by ESRI.  In order to obtain these advanced levels of certification”, Johnson continues, “both Mark and GeoNorth invested the resources required to enable us to provide our valued clients with these services.  ESRI does not hand these levels of achievement out to just any representing their company.  Only those devoted enough to the field of GIS, and the clients they serve, even put forth the effort.  This is one more example of the dedication we have to our clients, our industry, and our team of professional developers who service them.  And the benefits work their way through the ranks.  As GeoNorth continues to expand their talent pool, and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences among our team members, everyone will directly or indirectly benefit from Mark’s recent accomplishments.  Including our customers”.            

Recently acquired by The Tatitlek Corporation, GeoNorth, LLC, established in 1994 and located at 561 E 36th Avenue, is an Information Technology solutions provider specializing in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Database Management, Web Design and Development, and Mobile technology applications.    The Tatitlek Corporation has a worldwide presence and provides many services and products, including IT centric professional and technical services.  GeoNorth also has a second location in Portland, Oregon.  

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