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CCI Group LLC Strongly Refutes Media Report Regarding Government Contracting


(Anchorage, Alaska) CCI Group, LLC, a construction subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, says its performance on federal stimulus contracts at Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks has received outstanding performance ratings from the government, and that it is doing exactly what the work is intended to do: create local jobs.

CCI Group is responding to an erroneous report by ProPublica, which appeared recently in a number of publications including the Anchorage Daily News. The report is inaccurate, suggesting that CCI Group is subcontracting as much as 95% of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) work to large, outside firms. In fact, $32 million (76%) of the $42 million in ARRA projects is subcontracted, primarily to small, Fairbanks-based businesses.

“On this contract, CCI Group is a job order contractor,” said Duncan Morrison, CCI Group President / CEO. “The company’s role is to manage and execute the sustainment, renovation and modernization work at Fort Wainwright. In nearly every instance, CCI Group subcontracted construction work to small businesses based in Fairbanks, Alaska, putting a significant number of local residents to work.”

Of the $32 million in work, $29 million is already subcontracted to Alaska firms with $2 million in process. Nearly half of the subcontracts have gone to small Alaska businesses with the other half to small, disadvantaged Alaska businesses including Alaska 8(a) firms, other minority-owned firms, women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses and Hubzone businesses. Contrary to what is insinuated in the ProPublica report, less than $1 million of the subcontracts have gone to large businesses outside of Alaska, which have proprietary systems in place at Fort Wainwright. In all, 42 of the 45 subcontractors hired by CCI Group are Alaska firms.

CCI Group was formed to pursue construction work and does so by creating high quality, local jobs in communities where it does business. Like many other companies, CCI Group plays a vital role in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, established by Congress in 2009.

About BBNC: BBNC is one of 13 Regional Corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. The corporation is a diversified company with investment and business holdings in a stock portfolio and operating companies providing oilfield services, construction services, government contracting and petroleum distribution. The corporation has more than 8,700 Eskimo, Aleut, and Athabascan shareholders with ancestral ties to the Bristol Bay region. More information can be found at www.bbnc.net
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