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Back From Washington D.C. - Inspired!


Northern Gas Pipelines

First: Our thousands of faithful readers produce several dozen personal emails monthly, which I deeply appreciate.  While travel may result in delayed responses, I try to answer every one. 

Second:  You'll note that our new blog format allows for comment.  Some of your personal, email comments are so well formed that they would contribute to the education and understanding of all readers.  So, consider directing some emails as comments to daily entries rather than personal emails--and, share the wealth! 

Third:  Please note in today's entry several important forums, including my appearance today on talk radio. 

Fourth:  In a recent story we first broke the news of Alaska's Agrium fertilizer manufacturing facility moving to Nigeria.  Imagine the WORLD CLASS equipment needed to move it there.  Below is an email from a reader who will be providing part of that equipment--and who could make it available to other clients in Alaska this summer!  It is an opportunity to save some serious money! 

Dear Mr. Harbour:

I am working on this Agrium project; the re-location of the fertilizer plant to Africa. One of the things I am working on for this project is to bring a large crawler crane into the area. The timeframe that I will be using this machine in Agrium is short, about 1 month. I have a prospect for one other job very close by for 2 lifts (1 week of work). My idea is to present the opportunity of a large machine against a very competitive rate to other heavy industries in the area (Kenai Peninsula, around Anchorage, Valdez etc. etc.). Main industries we are usually working for are Oil and Gas, in particular petrochemical plants and refineries, power generation, mining operations, shipbuilding and fabrication yards etc. We would be able to manipulate 300 - 350 ton loads with relative ease. We would have transport equipment in the area as well with capacities well in excess of that. The way I see it is that this opportunity presents a significant cost saving for plant operators as opposed to bringing a machine just for one project. And yes, I get more business out of it; it is a cliché, but it would be a sure win-win for everybody.

Kind Regards,

Mammoet USA, South, Inc.
Robert J. Roest 
Offshore / Special Projects
Phone (office) (281) 595 2801
Fax (281) 369 2178
Mobile (337) 201 1162

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