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Alaskaa Republicans Show Support for Rep. Cissna


Anchorage, Alaska—Today, the Alaska Republican Party wishes to express our sincere support for Representative Sharon Cissna as she makes her return to Juneau. In the past few days Rep. Cissna was directed by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) to undergo a patdown search at Seattle-Tacoma Airport before she could board her plane and return home to Alaska. She refused to allow the search and choose to find other means of travel.

"This kind of treatment of a breast cancer surviver is appalling," said Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich. "Satey and security are undeniably important, especially during air travel. There are lines of basic civility and dignity, however, that Americans should not be willing to allow the government cross. The actions of the TSA here have clearly crossed the line. I call on all Alaska Republicans to show full support for Rep. Cissna in this matter."
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