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2011 Summer Business Camp Will Rock Kids' World


The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce announced that Icicle Seafoods, Inc. has renewed its contribution to the Alaska State Chamber's Alaska Business Week program by contributing $25,000 for the upcoming 2011 program to be held on the UAF campus July 31 - August 6, 2011.

"This highly successful program provides high school youth the opportunity to discover their leadership capabilities and to excel in areas they may never have imagined. It gives students a chance to move out of their comfort zones to compete in a simulated business environment and develop successful business strategies while developing long-standing friendships with peers from all over Alaska. We are pleased to be able to sponsor this worthwhile endeavor to encourage Alaska's youth, our future leaders, to recognize their potential and explore new possibilities," said Dennis Guhlke, President and CEO of Icicle Seafoods, Inc., a founding sponsor of the Alaska Business Week program.

Alaska Business Week is part of the UAF Summer Session lineup for 2011, and offers two college credits upon successful completion of the program thanks to a cooperative agreement with the Northern Leadership Center at UAF's School of Management. "What a great way to start a college experience while still in high school!" said Ann Ringstad, Alaska Business Week's Program Director, and Director of Community Advocacy at UAF.

This 'discovery learning' program is modeled after the very successful Washington Business Week program started in 1976. The first Alaska Business Week program took place on the UAF campus in August 2010, and forty-five high school students from all across Alaska participated in the weeklong university experience.

A reduced tuition for the program is $425, thanks to the generous contributions of many founding sponsors, including Tesoro Alaska, BP, Icicle Seafoods, Inc., State Farm, TOTE, Era Alaska, the Alaska Railroad and the Alaska League of Credit Unions. The tuition covers room, board, program materials, and activity fees on campus for the entire week. Scholarships are also available.
Kip Knudson, the Chair of the Alaska State Chamber and a Company Advisor in the 2010 program stated, "The Alaska State Chamber board had heard for years about the "magic" of the Business Week program, and last August we actually got to experience it. Kids love this program, and Alaska will admire what these kids will do in the near future."

The 2010 Alaska Business Week students gained a new appreciation of potential leadership and team-building skills, and developed long-term friendships with peers from Wainwright to Ketchikan. Blaine Bronga, an East Anchorage High School student summed up his experience by saying, "Thanks to this program, if I wanted to start a business right now, I have no doubt that I could balance my income and expenses, gain shareholders and find my retained profit without a blink."

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Alaska Railroad Corporation and Era Alaska, Alaska Business Week students might be eligible for low-cost or free transportation to Fairbanks. Students can apply for transportation assistance on the application form.
Enrollment is limited to 100 Alaska high school students. The deadline for applications is June 1, 2011. To register for the Alaska Business Week program, see: www.alaskachamber.com.

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