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UPDATES! 22nd Biennial Mining Conference in Fairbanks, AK: March 9-13



FEBRUARY 19—Save yourself time and


Don’t forget to register for the 22nd Biennial Alaska Miners Association Biennial Fairbanks Conference: “Arctic International Mining Symposium.” Please go to:


When: March 9-13, 2010

Where: Westmark Hotel, 813 Noble, FairbanksAK99701

Hotel Reservations: PLEASE IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS CONFERENCE ATTENDEE TO GET THIS RATE: $84/person, single or double occupancy.

Internet hookup provided. (800) 544-0970 and locally (907) 456-7722. Please reserve by March 1.

SPEAKERS: We do have one speaker change to date: Rod Combellick with the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) will replace Allen Renshaw from Usibelli mines.

Speaker schedule as of February 18, 2010:


No scheduled speaker—breakfast is an informal mixer.

8:00 Governor Sean Parnell will deliver opening remarks.

Lunch: Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse (CEO NovaGold Corporation)


(Traditional University of Alaska Fairbanks breakfast)

Breakfast: Rod Combellick with DGGS & GS. Host and emcee.

(US Sen. Lisa Murkowski may deliver brief live remarks from WashingtonD.C.)

Lunch: Hon. Tom Irwin, Alaska Commissioner of Natural Resources


Breakfast: TBA

Lunch: Hon. Mark Hamilton, President of University of Alaska

Closing Banquet: Mr. Pete Holman, Caterpillar Corp. (retired)

[Please note: political figures often have fluid schedules so all speakers can be considered “tentative” though they have committed to speak to the 22nd Biennial Fairbanks AMA conference.]


Please read form: all meals (breakfast, lunch, banquet) are separate charges over registration fee and, if possible, please reserve attendance as you submit your registration.

(Late-comers may still register early each morning.)

MSHA Update: MSHA surface-only training will be offered (free of charge) Tuesday, March 9 from 8-5:00 p.m. at the Westmark. You may sign up as you register, but it is also recommended you call MAPTS directly: (907) 262-2788. This is for surface-only. Please check their website for further information (including underground) and at the same above phone number.


Additional email contacts: Elizabeth Hardie: elizabeth.hardie@alaska.edu and elaine.woodburn@alaska.edu.

NAME CHANGE: AMEREF is now: Alaska Resource Education (ARE)

POSTER SESSIONS! At least ten will be on display.


Below is the tentative, basic outline for tech session topics, presenters, and probable days. Some may be moved to other time slots.

Wed. 3/10, Session One and Two: Arctic Mineral Deposits; Chair David


Introductions and announcements

Opening remarks—Gov. Sean Parnell

Alaska Mineral Industry Overview—David Szumigala, DGGS

Placer Deposits and Industrial Minerals;

Chair ______

Automated Modeling of Real Time Mine Operations Data Using Neural

Networks --Siddhartha Agarwal & Rajive Ganguli, UAF CEM Mining


What are green metals?—David Szumigala, DGGS

The Alaska Geologic Materials Center-Collection Update & Resources

Available for Researchers—Ken Papp, DGGS

Fiber Optic Applications to Mining—DeeAnna Brossoit, Network

Technologies Inc.

Government’s Role in Mining in Alaska—AK Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell

Thurs. 3/11, Sessions Three and Four: Arctic Mineral Deposits; Chair Jennifer


Introductions and announcements

Mike Lake Cu-AU Yukon Territory, Canada—Stephanie Mrozek, UAF Dept. of

Geology & Geophysics

Using UAF’s laser ablation ICP-MS to analyze ppb gold levels in sulfide

Minerals—David Larimer, UAF Dept. of Geology & Geophysics

Geology of the Bonnifield Mining District—Larry Freeman, DGGS

Millrock business model and property portfolio—Phil St. George,

Millrock Resources Inc.

Northern and Interior Geology; Chair Larry Freeman

Nixon Fork skarn deposit—Rainier Newberry, UAF Dept. of Geology &


Nome Group syngenetic sulfides & reconstruction of tectonic setting--

Allison Till, USGS

Gas Pipeline Corridor Studies—Trent Hubbard, DGGS

Remote Predictive Mapping in the SalchaRiver – Pogo Airborne

Geophysical Survey Tract Big Delta Quadrangle—Milt Wiltse,


Structural and magmatic history of the Nixon Creek Cu-Au-Bi—

Brian Perttu, UAF Dept. of Geology & Geophysics

Friday, 3/12, Sessions Five and Six:: Infrastructure: Chair_______

Introductions and announcements,

The Road to Nome—Steve Titus, AK DOT & PF

NovaGold Alaskan Projects or specific project Ambler—Rick Van

Nieuwenhuyse, NovaGold Resources

Energy projects in Alaska—Standberg

GIS logistics & transportation corridor—Colin Brooks, Michigan

Tech Research Institute

Best practices for railroad construction in permafrost—Posey Latola,

Michigan Tech Research Institute

Port of Skagway expansion—Paul Taylor

Overview of Current & Planned Mining-

Related Infrastructure Projects, Chair Paul Metz, UAF Mining

Introductions and announcements

Point MacKenzie Port & railroad expansion—Dave Hanson, John Duffey

Status of railroad extension & bridge construction—Bruce Carr, Tom

Brooks; Alaska Railroad Corp.

Sewage water treatment plant—Bob Tsigonis, Lifewater Engineering Co.

Sand & gravel resources at point MacKenzie—Paul Metz, UAF CEM,

GE Department

“PublicLands and Private Property Rights”—Randal O’Toole, Cato


Two additional talks will be:

Fort Knox Mine In-Pit Exploration (presenter from Kinross Gold Corp.), and

Railroad extension from Fairbanks to Livengood—Charlie Bohart, UAF CEM.

Other presentations are also being considered.

--- ## ---

We are pleased and excited to provide this wide range of topics and perspectives in the mining/mineral/aggregate industry and look forward to seeing you here soon!

Again, best regards….

Your 2010 Fairbanks Biennial AMA Conference Committee
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