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Second Sage Report Released


Semi-annual Gasline Evaluation Report provides updates on project progress

Tuesday, February 09, 2010, Juneau, Alaska – The second volume of the Semi-annual Gasline Evaluation Report, or SAGE Report, was released today. The report provides updates on the TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. and British Petroleum and ConocoPhillips Alaska gas pipeline projects. The SAGE reports supplement the statutorily-required annual report from the AGIA licensee, and provide data and comments from producer companies on fieldwork, local hire and contracting, and other key benchmarks required by TransCanada’s contract with the state.

“Representative (Craig) Johnson and I welcome the producer company input and are pleased with the cooperation of both the state and the competing project sponsor,” House Judiciary Chair Jay Ramras, R-Fairbanks, said. “The SAGE Report is an invaluable tool to assess progress made by the AGIA licensee and if the project is still in the best interests of Alaskans. The report also highlights the producer companies’ thoughts and concerns about the projects, which provide an important barometer on either project’s eventual success.”

“The SAGE Report offers a chance to reassess the basis for the AGIA investment and offers a level of detail we thought, frankly, was lacking in the discussion,” House Resources Committee Co-Chair Craig Johnson, R-Anchorage, said. “This second volume provides a wrap-up on summer fieldwork, gas resource holder comments on the process and a detailed look from both the state and the competing project. I believe the reports are vital to ensuring we keep the best interests of Alaskans first. I am glad we have these checks in place to gauge their progress.”

The SAGE Report is a product of negotiations between the two lawmakers and the administration over the provisions in House Concurrent Resolution, or HCR, 12. The resolution proposed that the Attorney General and Governor re-evaluate issuance of the AGIA license and address concerns including descriptions/recaps of summer fieldwork, local hire and contracting, other benchmarks agreed to by TransCanada, and storage and production concerns associated with natural gas production.

HCR 12 was tabled following agreement by all parties to supplement the annual statutory report. The history of HCR 12 is detailed in SAGE Report Volume I

Printed and digital copies of the report are available by request from Rep. Ramras’ office, Capitol Room 118, or by calling 907-465-3004.

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