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Reggae Band Bring Some Sunshine to Southeast


Casper Lomayesva

Third Mesa Music – Mesa Arizona

Casper is Hopi and comes from the clan of Ma-sow (the ghost fire clan). He grew up on the Hopi Indian Reservation, which sits atop three mesas in a VERY remote corner of NE Arizona.

· Created a sound that combines his native roots with the positive vibes of reggae

· Music is filled with hope and power

· Lyrics are a reflection of his own philosophy on life, influenced not only by the sounds of reggae music, but also of the traditional Hopi culture

· Casper’s words, “My music has a blend of conscious, traditional rhythms with a reggae flare. The music has always been a way for me to communicate my struggles and accomplishments with others.”

A “culture connection” was formed between the Hopi Nation and the island of Jamaica in 1985, when Freddy McGregor became the first Jamaican reggae artist to perform on an Indian Reservation. There was a special feeling that developed between the reggae artists that came out to the reservation & the Hopi people. The message in the music was something that people on the reservation understood. As a result Reggae Inna Hopiland was born. The cultural connection was so powerful it brought some of the biggest names in reggae music to a place to the Hopi Reservation over the years.

Casper draws on these influences, but he will tell you that his grandfather, Sankey Lomayesva had the biggest influence on his life and music. Casper views himself as a messenger passing through this life, sharing the message

Performance Dates:

HCTC Closing Banquet, evening April 1st (Included with the registration price).

21 & Over show: Friday, April 2nd, Harrigan Centennial Hall

All-Ages Show: Saturday, April 3rd, Sheet’ka Kwaán Naa Kahídi.

Tickets: $20/adults; $8/students

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