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Recent House Bill Activity 02-17-10


Bill Activity for Feb. 17, 2010
As of: 12:00:01 pm Alaska Time
HJR 16 : Disabled Veterans Procurement Preference
Sponsored by Rep. Carl Gatto
Relating to federal procurement preferences for small businesses in the
state that are owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans.

Version: CSHJR 16(L&C)
Status: (H) RLS >> PASSED (H)
Contact: Karen Sawyer, 465-5025

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hjr16-76
HJR 24 : Fed. School Lunch Program/Military
Sponsored by Rep. Jay Ramras
Urging the United States Congress and the United States Department of
Agriculture to extend the basic housing allowance exclusion to all
military families for purposes of the school nutrition program.

Status: (H) RLS >> PASSED (H)
Contact: Dana Strommen, 465-3004

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hjr24-219
HJR 26 : Statehood/Ancsa Land Survey Funding
Sponsored by Rep. Anna Fairclough
Urging the United States Congress to adequately fund land surveys in
Alaska in order to issue patents to the State of Alaska and Alaska
Native corporations.

Contact: Crystal Koeneman, 465-3777

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hjr26-216
HR 13 : Anchorage Vehicle Inspection Program
Sponsored by Rep. Bill Stoltze
Encouraging the repeal of the Anchorage Vehicle Inspection and
Management Program.

Status: (H) RLS >> RETURNED TO (H) RLS

Bill Info: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hr13

Bill Activity for Feb. 17, 2010
As of: 11:00:01 am Alaska Time
HB 168 : Trauma Care Centers/Fund
Sponsored by Rep. John Coghill
An Act relating to state certification and designation of trauma
centers; creating the uncompensated trauma care fund to offset
uncompensated trauma care provided at certified and designated trauma
centers; and providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) HSS >> (H) FIN
Contact: Karen Lidster, 465-6848

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb168-223
HB 238 : Landlord Rejection Of Occupant/Sublease
Sponsored by Rep. Charisse Millett
An Act removing the number of persons under 18 years of age in the
household as a reasonable ground for a landlord to reject a proposed
sublease or assignment.

Status: (H) L&C >> (H) JUD
Hearing: (H) L&C 2010-02-17 3:15 PM
Contact: Ryan Makinster, 465-3879

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb238-240
HB 280 : Natural Gas
Sponsored by Rep. Mike Hawker, Rep. Mike Chenault
An Act relating to natural gas; relating to a gas storage facility;
relating to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska; relating to the
participation by the attorney general in a matter involving the
approval of a rate or a gas supply contract; relating to an income tax
credit for a gas storage facility; relating to oil and gas production
tax credits; relating to the powers and duties of the Alaska Oil and
Gas Conservation Commission; relating to production tax credits for
certain losses and expenditures, including exploration expenditures;
relating to the powers and duties of the director of the division of
lands and to lease fees for the storage of gas on state land; and
providing for an effective date.

Status: (H) L&C >> (H) RES
Hearing: (H) RES 2010-02-19 1:00 PM
Contact: Juli Lucky, 465-4949

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb280-323
HB 310 : School Construction Debt Reimbursement
Sponsored by the Hou. Education
An Act extending the deadline for authorizing school construction debt
reimbursed by the state.

Status: (H) EDC >> (H) FIN
Hearing: (H) EDC 2010-02-19 8:00 AM
Contact: Katie Koester, 465-2689

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb310-308
HB 315 : Public Accounting
Sponsored by the Hou. Labor & Com.
An Act relating to public accounting; and providing for an effective

Status: (H) L&C >> (H) FIN
Hearing: (H) L&C 2010-02-17 3:15 PM
Contact: Jennifer Senette, 465-4530

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hb315-317
HJR 35 : Constitutional Am.: Health Care
Sponsored by Rep. Kelly, Rep. Keller, Rep. Wilson, Rep. Gatto
Proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Alaska
prohibiting passage of laws that interfere with direct payments for
health care services and the right to purchase health care insurance
from a privately owned company, and that compel a person to participate
in a health care system.

Status: (H) HSS >> (H) JUD
Contact: Derek Miller, 465-6879

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hjr35-328
HJR 43 : Fed. Funding: Domestic Seafood Marketing
Sponsored by Rep. Bryce Edgmon
Urging the federal government to provide funding for domestic seafood
marketing and promotional activities.

Status: (H) FSH >> (H) RES
Contact: Timothy Clark, 465-2839

Sponsor Statement: http://www.housemajority.org/spon.php?id=26hjr43-332
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