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MMS Study: Arctic Offshore Technology Assessment


IMV Projects Atlantic Inc. recently comnpleted a study for the MMS entitled: "Arctic Offshore Technology Assessment of Exploration and Production Options for Cold Regions of the US Outer Continental Shelf. "

A number of "cold region" offshore developments have been carried out or are planned worldwide, including Sakhalin Island (Russia), Kashagan (Caspian), Shtokman (Barents Sea) as well as in the Beaufort Sea (Northstar, PanArctic Drake). An understanding of these analogue projects, as well as those already operational or planned for the United States (e.g., Northstar and Oooguruk), will provide insight and guidance into potential exploration and development technologies that might be applied to cold regions of the Outer Continental Shelf.

The study objective was to conduct a technology assessment for US OCS oil and gas operations in cold regions to determine what may be technically feasible in ice-covered and open water conditions.

The complete report is available online at www.mms.gov/tarprojects/584.htm

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