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Local Jewelry Business Receives Fourth Patent


Anchorage resident forms jewelry company and receives design patents.

Promising entrepreneur and Alaska resident, Mr. Courtney Larsen, recently received his fourth design patent. As an engaged bachelor in the spring of 2005, Courtney took it upon himself to design his own wedding ring. Then, through a meticulous search, he located a jeweler that could manufacture the structurally unique design.

The wedding ring shape and form is based on design principles taught in architectural school as an architecture student at the University of Utah (B.S. Architectural Studies, 1999) and drafted in 3-D CAD with skills learned as an Architectural and Engineering Technology (AET) student at the University of Alaska Anchorage (Architectural Drafting Certificate, 2006). One of the requirements to obtain an architectural drafting certificate in the AET program included learning 3-D drafting and design.

Ring and bride in hand, Courtney started a business selling a line of eternal band rings based off the original design. Eternally Classic Jewelry was launched in late summer 2006. The series of innovative and modern ring designs was created in 3-D CAD before being rendered to manufacturing standards in a program used widely in the jewelry industry.

Courtney then took another business step: pursuing patents for the products as a form of intellectual property protection, preventing the commercial appropriation of the designs by those not authorized. Two and half years later, in late December 2009, through pain-staking paper work, proofs, and documentation (not to mention the exorbitant attorney fees!), he was finally awarded the last of four design patents.

The design concept behind the Eternally Classic Collection is the symbolism of two pairs of hands clasped in matrimony–there being ten pairs of rods representing the ten fingers of each spouse intertwined as elegantly as a couple is together in life, dancing. The strong architectural ideology of each design invokes a sense of sturdiness, endurance, and immortality–further representing the definition of marriage.

Besides their alluring style, there are physical benefits to the designs as well: the negative space (not commonly seen in rings) allows the finger to breathe freely, providing greater comfort and less unsightly ‘paleness’ on the finger.

Eternally Classic Jewelry has developed well over time, including the development of a beautiful internet web-site, coined names for each ring design suggesting partnered dancing styles, the securing of private-investor funding, partnerships with other complimentary businesses, and more…

Courtney, still residing in Anchorage with his wife and young son, acknowledges a deep appreciation to skills acquired in academia, to bring his pie-in-the-sky creative ideas into reality.

For more information, please see: www.eternallyclassicjewelry.com

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