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House Majority E-News for Feb 24, 2010 ANS Crude: $79.75 Henry Hub: $4.91


House Urges Federal Support Of Denali Commission

(Juneau) - The Alaska State House of Representatives today
unanimously passed House Joint Resolution 46, urging the federal
government to support reauthorization of the Denali Commission.

The House Community & Regional Affairs Committee sponsored the
resolution to persuade Congress, the White House and members of the
President's Cabinet to reauthorize the Denali Commission for another
five years.

"The Denali Commission has a proven record of more than 10 years of
service to Alaska, and is the only Regional Commission that is not
presently authorized," CR&A Co-Chair Bob Herron, D-Bethel, said. "HJR
46 encourages Congress and the President to re-authorize the Denali
Commission as an Independent Federal Agency so that the commission may
continue its mission, vital to economic development in Alaska."

The full text of this release and audio can be found below:



HB 110 Passes House, Heads To Senate

(Juneau) - The Alaska State House of Representatives today passed
House Bill 110, which clarifies rules pertaining to licensing
psychologists in the state of Alaska.

The State Board of Psychologists and Psychological Associate
Examiners often offer the qualifying exam for Psychological
Associates. Sponsor Rep. Bob Herron, D-Bethel, says that while the
exam is offered frequently, re-taking it is still a problem. "Alaska
Statute 08.86.162 still specifically requires that an applicant who
takes but does not pass the exam must wait six months before trying
again," Herron said. "HB 110 deletes this requirement, allowing
applicants to re-take the exam the next time it is offered. This
change creates a more efficient licensure system, without sacrificing
professional standards or quality."

The full text of this release and audio can be found below:



HB 259 Heading For Hearing In HSS

(Juneau) - Representative Wes Keller, R-Wasilla, will present House
Bill 259 to the House Health & Social Services Committee tomorrow.

HB 259 was introduced at the beginning of this year's session, and
would require mandatory drug testing for adults abusing drugs and
alcohol while receiving public assistance. "I introduced this bill to
give the Department a tool to help people addicted to illegal drugs or
alcohol," Keller said.

WHO: Rep. Wes Keller, R-Wasilla

WHAT: Hearing, HB 259, House Health & Social Services Committee

WHEN: Thursday, February 25 - 3:00 p.m.

WHERE: State Capitol Room 106
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