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Greening of Oil Series Tracks 'Clean Coal' Technology


Veteran Alaska journalist Rose Ragsdale asks 'how green can coal become?'

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Veteran journalist Rose Ragsdale is online magazine Greening of Oil's resident mining authority.

A longtime Alaska reporter and editor, Ragsdale is the editor-in-chief of North of 60 Mining News and a regular freelance contributor for Petroleum News. All three publications are owned by parent company Petroleum Newspapers of Alaska.

Ragsdale's current series for Greening of Oil examines evolving coal technologies, specifically carbon capture and storage, progress in cutting emissions, and which companies are bringing the most to the table. The question the series seeks to answer: "How clean can clean coal get?"

Greening of Oil is a science-based, international publication that tracks the environmental footprint of fossil fuels, scrutinizing what is being done to make natural gas, oil and coal more earth-friendly energy sources during what is expected to be a decades-long shift to cleaner and cleaner power.

Written by experienced journalists and free to everyone, the magazine, at www.greeningofoil.com, contains no opinion pieces or editorials. It is fact-based, free from the clutter of personal bias, and a key resource for people who care about the environmental performance of energy companies.
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