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Christine Klein to Receive the AACA Community Service Award


The Alaska Air Carriers Association is honored to be presenting the AACA Community Service Award to Christine Klein.

The award will be presented at our annual banquet, which starts at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 3rd, at the Hotel Captain Cook.

The AACA Community Service Award recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding service to the community through improvements to cargo, mail or passenger service to a specific site or a region. The award recognizes service performed in a consistently outstanding manner.

Portions of the nomination text follow:
Christine consistently made herself available and truly offered an open door to the public, airport users, and the aviation community. Her ability to facilitate group meetings to address problems was sincerely appreciated by AACA. Long-standing issues are today being addressed by DOT&PF because of Christine's willingness to make transparent current processes and practices. Today, the aviation community has the opportunity to participate in multiple work groups that have the potential to change how planning is done and allocations are made. In addition, Christine's goal of transparency resulted in the first Statewide Aviation Annual Report, so the aviation community has access to the FY2010 planned airport projects, department goals and past accomplishments.

Under Christine's leadership, the Alaska Aviation System Plan has captured the economic contributions of aviation to the State of Alaska, and the ASP is in the process of gathering socio-economic data. These measurable statistics are invaluable to the aviation community for our use in challenging potentially restrictive and damaging regulations.

In an effort to improve runway safety, Christine has enrolled DOT&PF in the national FAA pilot program test using an Alaska pavement condition reporting matrix. The process involves pilot and airport manager input, backed by a validation process, with the anticipated result of significant improvements in safety.

During Christine's tenure, the AACA petition for Title 17 rental rates was successfully addressed and resulted in a palatable rate increase over the next several years. Airports routinely closed due to seasonally soft surfaces have been decreased by 15% from FY2008 to FY2009. A five year contract with the Medallion Foundation and FAA has been completed for simulation, training, and mapping to improve pilot decision making in the cockpit. Under the ARRA, $73.4 million was secured in FAA funding for additional capital investment projects.

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