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BBB Uncovers Peel Inc. Problems


Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington Consumers Face Hassles and Headaches Over Unwanted Credit Card Charges

Anchorage, Alaska - Feb. 11, 2010 - Consumers across the U.S. are filing complaints with Better Business Bureau against Peel, Inc. Operating under a variety of business names and Web sites, this internet-based marketing and distribution company sells a variety of products-ranging from coffee and tea to jewelry and posters-and BBB records reveal a pattern of billing, collection, refund and exchange issues.

In the last 3 years, BBB has processed 3,122 complaints concerning Peel, Inc. Complaints from Alaskans have been concerning billing and collection issues.

Complaints allege that Peel, Inc., located in Evanston, Illinois, is charging unauthorized fees for ordered merchandise. Some complainants subsequently discover unwanted membership costs and receive unordered goods, then accuse the company of not fully disclosing transaction fees upon purchase.

Since Peel, Inc. failed to resolve the underlying cause of its high volume of complaints and several remain unanswered, the company has an "F" rating with BBB. To view BBB's Reliability Report go to http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/posters/peel-in-evanston-il-36000239

The company has recently announced on its Web sites that it is no longer accepting orders. Web sites connected with Peel, Inc. include: shopdani.com, seattledirectcoffee.com, especiallyposters.com or posterpass.com and others.

BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington offers Internet shoppers the following advice to help prevent billing issues and other unforeseen charges:

Be cautious of free trial offers. If submitting payment information for shipping and handling, failure to cancel trials before a deadline could result in unwanted monthly charges.

Don't feel pressured. Legitimate offers won't expire in minutes. Comparison shop.

Check out online retailers. Visit www.bbb.org before doing business.

Read and understand all policies, stipulations or disclaimers. Beware of companies with vaguely-worded or contradictory information in their agreements. Inspect the return, refund and shipping policies. Pay close attention to time limits on returns and other restrictions. Examine the full screen and look for scroll menus, which may include additional terms and conditions. Prior to pressing 'submit,' make sure to un-check any boxes agreeing to unwanted offers. Be careful not to click on pop-up ads during the transaction.

Ensure secure connections. Before submitting a payment or personal information over the Internet, make sure the Web page is secure. On secure pages, the Web address begins with "https:" instead of "http:." Read the privacy policy to find out whether the company plans to sell or redistribute your data.

Pay safely. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment for online purchases; fraudulent charges of $50 or more can be contested through the credit card company. Many offer security measures for shopping online, such as a masked credit card number that can only be charged a set amount of money in a specific time frame.

Keep a record. Save a copy of all confirmation pages, contact information, agreements and guarantees.

About your BBB serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington
Your Better Business Bureau is a not-for-profit organization funded by Better Business Bureau Accredited Businesses. The BBB's mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. For more information about the services and products provided by your BBB, call 206-431-2222 or 253-830-2924 in Washington, 503-212-3022 in Oregon, 907-562-0704 in Alaska, or visit our Web site at www.bbb.org.

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