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Tip of the Iceberg Jeopardizing Alaska


When taking into consideration the critical state of the Alaska economy, it’s not just about the price of oil; it’s also about the amount of oil.

There are billions of barrels under the tundra, below the mountains, and beneath the seas of Alaska. Our governor is jeopardizing the exploration, development, and production of all that oil with his tax credit vetoes and restructuring rhetoric to undo SB21.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Buying out all the Alaska LNG partners is having a de facto effect of “nationalizing” the project on a state level and could squander and bankrupt state finances.

The governor is turning Alaska into a banana republic.

We hope the Legislature will push back more in the next session because the governor’s agenda is not aligned with the best interests of the state.

Both the Legislature and the citizens of the state need to more actively and effectively oppose the governor’s unilateral decision making and question his appointments of friends and political supporters rather than the most qualified. We look forward to the next election and hope for a governor with better judgment and better performance—so far, this governor’s actions don’t warrant another term.

We are hopeful that in the next session in Juneau this Legislature’s actions and policies solve the state’s fiscal crisis and align with the best interests of the state. We also hope they promote business, something we try to do every month.

In the December issue of Alaska Business Monthly we bring you this year’s top stories, along with special sections on healthcare and construction as well as a few more great business stories and our monthly features. Enjoy the magazine and enjoy the rest of this year. We are all looking forward to the wonders that 2017 will bring.



This article first appeared in the December 2016 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly.

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