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December 2015

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Alaska Franchises: Top of the Food Chain

A Selection of success stories and experiences from Alaska franchise owners & operators.

Rebuilding Alaska: Breathing New Life into Kake’s Historic Cannery

It was approaching dusk in April when something out-of-the-ordinary, yet strangely familiar, caught Casimero Aceveda’s eye. “It was like something being reborn,” says Aceveda. The lights in the old cannery were on for the first time in almost forty years.

Lease Negotiations

For many entrepreneurs, negotiating a good lease or lease renewal against an experienced agent or landlord can be a challenge. While a business owner focuses on marketing and managing their business, savvy real estate agents and brokers are specialized sales people. Their job is to sell commercial tenants on leasing their location at the highest possible rental rate.

Safety and Behavioral Economics

A discussion on the economics of safety could go many ways. One could, for example, discuss the enormous financial and societal costs of occupational injuries and illnesses in the United States.

A Good Business or a Good Investment

When the time comes to think about planning an exit from business, it is important to consider the differences between a “good business” and a “good investment.” The next owner of your company will be looking for a good investment, not just a good business. If you want to attract a qualified buyer and get the highest value, you will need to turn your business into a “good investment.”

The Affordable Care Act: What Employers Need to Know for 2016

The time for employer shared responsibility penalties, or “assessable payments” as the IRS refers to them, is finally here. Note that most of us would refer to penalties as “taxes,” but we don’t because the US Supreme Court taught us in NIFB v. Sibelius that there is a difference between taxes and penalties.

Early and Consistent Savers Win Retirement Race

As parents, we may tell our children that the fastest way to finish a difficult homework assignment is to sit down at the kitchen table, start with that first problem and move on from there. They may not like this solution very much, but a few minutes later, the assignment is done.

Get Ready for the Big ‘R’

R starts a lot of words—good, bad, and indifferent—some words just are. The big “R” word Alaskans are holding their breath for these days is recession.
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