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Goodbye 2014—Get Ready 2015


Hard to imagine another year is about over already—it’s true though—we are at the end of 2014. As soon as I write this and we send the December magazine off to the printer we will start working on January for next year—2015. And things are going to change.

We’ve got the new app coming out and are going to be planning some exciting app-happy content that will only be in the digital version. Of course for that to roll out properly we’re going to need a little help from our app-happy readers to check out the alternative digital version on every imaginable device as well as a few app-happy advertisers embracing the additional opportunities—it’s all very appetizing. And for our subscribers, we’re offering the digital edition free as part of your current subscription; send us your email address along with the name and mailing address your subscription is sent to so we can send the access link when it goes live.

One faithful reader told me he reads every issue twice, once from the front to the back and again from the back to the front. Come January, he’ll also be able to check it out on an android, an iPhone, a tablet, an iPad, a laptop, a desktop, and probably Google Glass or some other wearable as well. We’re also working on the website redesign in preparation for the mobile responsive re-launch set for January 1 for our readers to easily keep up with Alaska business news on every device they have without having to pinch and pull the screen around.

It’s not just more great stories we’re going to be bringing to the digital fold either: our sales team is developing new and exciting multi-platform opportunities for advertisers.

January, and 2015, are not for another month though, let’s embrace December and the rest of 2014 while we still have it. Enjoy the holidays, finish year-end projects, get those budgets ready, make some goals and plans for next year, and read the December issue of Alaska Business Monthly—front to back and back to front.

The team has put together another really great magazine. Enjoy!

—Susan Harrington, Managing Editor

This first appeared in the December 2014 print edition of Alaska Business Monthly magazine.
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