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Port Chilkoot Distillery Releases "12 Volts Moonshine"


Alaskan-made Moonshine: This One’s Legal

Haines, Alaska- Port Chilkoot Distillery announces the release of its second distilled spirits product, 12 Volts Moonshine

“We put a lot of care and time into making our Moonshine.  We stay true to a traditional recipe of corn and barley, but we distill it carefully and let it rest long enough to make an interesting and drinkable spirit.  It’s essentially an un-aged corn whiskey, so it really retains the flavors of the grain fermentation.  We think folks will enjoy tasting a raw whiskey before it undergoes all the flavor changes that barrel-aging contributes” says head distiller Heather Shade. 


12 Volts Moonshine                                                Sean Copeland hand-bottles 12 Volts Moonshine.

Technically, moonshine refers to an illicit alcohol that is made without a license and sold under the radar of tax enforcement.  It also goes by the name of White Dog, White Lightning, New-Make and White Whiskey, among others.  The rekindled interest in small-batch craft spirits in the United States has created an interest in legally-made Moonshine.  Using the same techniques and recipes as traditional Moonshiners, distilleries are creating their own locally-made, but legal, Moonshine products.  Port Chilkoot Distillery joins these growing ranks with the release of their Alaskan-made 12 Volts Moonshine.                                                                                                                                                                                   

“We made 12 Volts in the spirit of true Moonshine, just a little smoother and without the running from the law part”, says co-owner Sean Copeland.

12 Volts Moonshine can be found at liquor stores in Haines and will be available in other parts of Alaska in January.

About Port Chilkoot Distillery

Port Chilkoot Distillery is Southeast Alaska’s first and only micro-distillery.  Located in one of the original buildings of the historic Fort Seward in Haines, the distillery handcrafts each of its spirits in small batches in a copper pot still.  Icy Strait Vodka and 12 Volts Moonshine are now available in stores around Alaska.  Whiskey is maturing on-site in oak barrels.

Visit www.portchilkootdistillery.com to learn more and connect with Port Chilkoot Distillery at Facebook.com/portchilkootdistillery

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