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New 'Serum Run' Documentary Kicks Off 2013 Anchorage International Film Festival



ICEBOUND, a feature length documentary film about the 1925 Serum Run to Nome, will screen December 6 at 8 p.m. at the Bear Tooth Theater during the opening night celebration of the 13th annual Anchorage International Film Festival.

ICEBOUND is produced and directed by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Daniel Anker. The narrator is the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Though the serum run is well known in Alaska and to thousands weaned on children’s books and animated movies about the dog Balto, ICEBOUND presents an unknown story — not just a gripping adventure tale, but a layered and dynamic telling of one of Alaska’s most celebrated historical events.    

The film tells a story of survival, of politics, of race, of tabloid journalism, of the simple but heroic survival of the people who endure in the Arctic, and ultimately of the triumph of the human spirit.

To an extent never before told, the film uncovers the seminal role of Alaska Natives, and how racism drove newspaper coverage and ultimately influenced the historical record.   It is ultimately a film about “mythmaking” and “storytelling,” about how oral history and the media can shape how we record and remember history.

A breathless adventure story... told with sophistication and fascinating detail” STEVE LINDBECK, president Alaska Public Telecommunications

“A cut above...Anker has told a more complete history than anything I know of, with insight, and thoroughness....A remarkable achievement.”

STEPHEN HAYCOX, historian, University of Alaska Anchorage

“Thank you for telling my grandfather’s story for the first time... Hearing his voice In your film brought tears to my eyes.”

SUZANNE EVANS, descendant of CHARLIE EVANS, original Serum Run musher

Coming 2013 - The true story of Alaska's great race against death, told for the first time in a non-fiction feature documentary. In 1925, in the depths of one of the worst winters on record in the arctic, 34 men, and over 150 dogs, raced life-saving serum across the frozen wilderness, to save the children of Nome from a deadly outbreak of diphtheria.

The story was a cause celebre in a country at the cusp of the modern age, yet still fascinated by the romance of the frontier. The way the story was covered by the newspapers of the era, and the myths and legends that have been handed down by generations, have made it one of the most enduring and gripping American legends of all time.

The film is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart and directed by Daniel Anker. Support to date has been provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Rasmuson Foundation, the Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance, the Atwood Foundation, the Alaska Humanities Forum, the Bering Straits Native Corporation, Dr. Mary Totten, Gana-A'Yoo Ltd., and the Gottstein Family Foundation.

For more information, please visit ICEBOUNDFILM.com

Icebound Trailer from API FILMS on Vimeo.

Production in Alaska took place over a three-year period. Extensive shooting in the Interior and along the coast was supervised by line producer Bob Crockett of Alaska Locations, Inc. Other crew included veteran cameraman Tom Pillifant and film grip Greg Kern. Mushers Aaron Burmeister, Bill Cotter, and Donald Towarek supervised and provided dog teams. Aerial photography was by Daniel Zatz.

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