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Foxes In Our Arctic Hen House


Northern Gas Pipelines


Today our commentary likens internal and external threats to Arctic freedom and tranquility to stalking foxes circling both in and outside the hen house.  (Home page.  Story.)


We do not interrupt faithful readers' work with daily notices.  We do encourage our friends to daily check these pages, since every day seems to be producing items from around Canada and the United States which are useful to our knowledgeable readership.  


We also urge readers to take advantage of the special, Northern Gas Pipelines Google Search Engine in the upper right column, for it accesses valuable northern energy archives which reach back nearly fifty years--a rich, free resource for project managers, journalists, students and political analysts.


Earlier this week, we noted a major, new Alaska North Slope investment; recent successes by the Pacific Legal Foundation; an astute tax Op-Ed by Alaska support industry leader Lynn Johnson; Paul Ziff's latest shale study; and, notice of a House Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee hearing in January on Atlantic OCS Science.


We are grateful that, very often, "You read it here first".   Please let us know how we can continue improving this public service endeavor. 



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