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Chris Smith Nomination Endorsed Today (DOE Fossil Fuel) - More Evidence Today: Enviro-Industrial-Governmental Cabal


Northern Gas Pipelines
Today, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee endorsed Chris Smith's nomination as Assistant Secretary of Energy, Fossil Energy.   (Home page.  Story.)


Today, we also have a heavily researched report from Matthew Continetti of the Washington Free Beacon documenting the continuing White House invasion by environmental extremists.


Most readers will recall President Eisenhower's admonition to be wary of a "Military Industrial Complex".


We are encountering today a more dangerous complex; we are calling it, the "enviro - industrial - governmental cabal".  It is organized to control government policy, provide massive funding for extremist environmental causes and programs, create and initiate grass roots political activism throughout the land and convert companies into Administration supporters via subsidies and political dependency.


It is dangerous because it weakens the economy and kills jobs by withdrawing normal and traditional access to public lands, restricting activity on private lands, killing and delaying large projects, using environmental laws to support an extremist environmental agenda rather than provide reasonable protection to the environment under the mantle of 'due process' and the 'rule of law'.  


This "cabal" is more dangerous than Eisenhower's "complex", because it is weakening America from within, eroding the rule of law, diminishing our economic strength and threatening the country's ability to defend itself and its allies.  


Here is the evidence.



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