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Anchorage Midtown Legislators and Community Council Call for Immediate Action


“This area has needed improvements for years.  Now, after a tragic loss of property, it’s finally time to get this project done.”
Mark Butler, longtime North Star homeowner and former North Star Community Council President

ANCHORAGE - Chester Creek flooding has quickly become a problem the city can no longer afford to ignore.  More than a week ago, the Anchorage Daily News ran an article pointing out the dangerous situation faced by neighbors in the North Star and Valley of the Moon communities of Midtown Anchorage.

The North Star Community Council calls on the Municipality of Anchorage and the state and Municipal Departments of Transportation and Public Works to take swift action in resolving this immediate issue.  “The problem needs to be fixed now,” said Jen Clark.  “It’s becoming a safety issue.  My neighbors and I don’t have access to parts of our houses because they’re flooded with freezing water.”

Midtown and West Anchorage Assembly members have scheduled a meeting for Friday, December 13th, 2013 at City Hall beginning at 2:15pm to hear from residents. 

“I know how strongly the neighborhood feels about this.  I hope the Municipality and the State sees how badly we need this help, and how urgently it is needed,” said Community Council President André Camara.

When: Friday, December 13th, 2013 2:15pm

Where: Assembly Conference Room 155, City Hall, Anchorage

For more information, please contact Mark Butler at 907-240-3868.

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